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Point of Sale, KMS, & Online Ordering Platform

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Designed for Mobile Food Vendors

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The EasyEats' Point of Sale, Kitchen Management, & Online Ordering Platform combines traditional window and online ordering into one simple production process. This innovative system also enabling customers to find your food truck easily via location tracking and automatically sends them a text notification when their food is ready. 
This removes the need for a customer to wait inline while ordering or waiting for their food. Enabling you to take more orders, faster, and focus on the value added service of food production.

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EasyEats POS System Overview

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Increase Sales

Location Tracking

  • Helps customers find your truck
  • Removes line of sight issues with sales
  • Facebook marketing integration

Track location with app

Mobile Ordering

  • Contactless sales channel
  • Provides incremental sales
  • Partially mitigates bad weather
  • Automates ordering (saves time)
Mobile ordering for food truck customers

Customer Notification

  • Removes the need to wait in line
  • Automates ordering and serving
  • Better customer experience

Customers get notifications when their order is ready

Improve Production Efficiencies

Kitchen Management System

  • Tracks All Outstanding Orders
  • "All Day" Summary of Items
  • Integrates Mobile & Local Orders
  • Text Customers When Order is Complete

Improved Quality Control

  • All Modifiers Clearly Listed (Less Errors)
  • No Misplaced Paper Tickets
  • Visible to Multiple Employees Simultaneously

Modular System

  • Multiple Order Taking Tablets Capable
  • Multiple Order Queue Systems Capable
  • No Additional Cost

Real World Examples

Breweries, Events, or Lunches

  • Leverage mobile ordering to increase the ease of purchase. Customers can skip the line, pay, and wait for their food all while remaining in their seat.
  • Coaxes incremental sales out of customers who don’t want to lose their spot or leave their group.
  • Mitigates the loss of customers from having to wait in a long line.
  • Provides contactless payment and a higher level of cleanliness to customers.

Production Efficiencies

  • Save time on order taking. Workers can be prioritized to higher value activities like production or serving.
  • Mobile orders, with a well designed menu, can reduce order errors as customers select their own menu items.
  • Window and mobile orders are tracked via tablets or touchscreens (top right picture), this reduces errors and the likely-hood of losing paper tickets.
  • ”All Day” summary increases the efficiency of flattops and deep fryers as current total quantity of ordered food is always available.
  • Save money on paper.

Improved Customer Experience

  • Detailed and customizable menus make ordering easy while providing many options for the customer.
  • No need to ever wait in line for a customer. Huge quality of life improvement.
  • Order progress tracker enables a customer to track their order while it’s being made.
  • Text notifications sent to customer when food is ready

Feature List

Online / Mobile Ordering:

  • Improved experience for customer
  • Increases sales & reduces labor costs
  • Encourages customers to tip
  • Food truck specific website for menus

Order Progress Tracker:

  • For customers to track their order status without asking

Order Notifications:

  • Texts customer when order is ready

Facebook Marketing Integration:

  • Auto post menu to FB for your customers to purchase from

Location Tracking for Food Truck:

  • Shows customers where you are each day

Kitchen Management System:

  • No paper or printers needed
  • “All Day” summary of outstanding orders increases flattop and deep fryer efficiencies
  • Integrates local, online and preorders into one production queue
  • Very easy to track food production

Combo Mode:

  • For taking complex orders easily on POS or Web

Inventory Tracking:

  • Auto disable online sales when inventory runs out

 Food Truck Managed Delivery Option:

  • System gathers payments, order details and delivery location. You handle the delivery yourself with no extra system fee
  • Save the 30+% of sales 3rd party delivery companies charge

Point of Sale App:

  • For cash register / order taking
  • Encourages customers to tip
  • Save money, bring your own hardware

Easy to Setup and Use:

  • Instructions provided
  • Free, live tech support available
  • No contracts & inexpensive
  • Very easy to change menus for different venues
  • Easy to create modifiers and combo meals


  • Summary and Detailed Reports
  • Exportable to Excel for upload into accounting systems

Small Business:

  • Like you, we are a small business, passionate about serving our customers and providing the best products possible
  • Highly engaged with our customers for feedback and system improvements

System Pricing


Bring your own equipment or purchase new if necessary


Track location with app

EasyEats Platform

Pricing options for using the EasyEats system, can be passed along to consumer if desired


Mobile ordering for food truck customers

Credit Card Processing

SumUp is the least expensive CC processor currently supported





Customers get notifications when their order is ready

Online Pricing Comparison

EasyEats pricing is designed for food trucks