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Sasquatch Sandwiches

EasyEats is great for our food truck. We are glad EasyEats was able to eliminate our clumsy printer and paper ticket system completely. The online cook interface works great for order tracking and saves us valuable time during service. Our ticket times and order accuracy have greatly improved. We are no longer chasing those paper tickets flying around on windy days!

- Gil

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The Big Cheese

As a brand new user of the Easy Eats system I can say without hesitation that our ordering process has become 100% more streamlined. Having the capabilities to receive orders online and preorders increased our profits immediately from day one. On top of all of that, the support and professionalism of the staff has made not only the transition but the use of the system very simple.

- Nick

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The Casual Foodie

Easy Eats has allowed me to grow my business and pay my team more, while saving money at the same time. This is by far the best online ordering app for food trucks that I've seen.

- Corey

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Rolling Hearth Bistro

We have been doing our wood fired pizzas for 7 years now. We had never used an online ordering system before this year. We were introduced to EasyEats through a fellow trucker and it has allowed us to do our own takeout events during this pandemic. It has been extremely helpful in the success of our events and the customer service has been very hands on to ensure our success. I would highly recommend EasyEats to anyone looking for an online ordering platform.

- Tim

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G.I. Joes has been a positive game changer for my truck. I can now work smaller events solo saving employee costs. Larger events are much smoother. The best part is I can go “contactless” with the event ordering feature!

- Tom

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ODB's Meat and Greet

Every foodtrucker should have EasyEats... I used it for the first time yesterday and wow I love it. Very easy to work and everything went smooth. Online sales were great.. Thanks so much Warren Nash for comin out and setting it up and staying on my foodtruck n helping me out!!!

- Jessie