Recommended Hardware

The EasyEats Point of Sale (POS) is designed to be flexible for a customer's needs. Choose from a selection of off the shelf hardware or reuse existing hardware.

At its core, the EasyEats system requires an Android tablet for the POS (running EasyEats' cash register app). In addition, all outstanding orders are displayed on an order queue device, which can be anything with a modern web browser.

The options below are our recommendations.

Point of Sale

This device is used to take orders at the food truck's window. It must be an Android tablet running Android version 9 or newer. A 10" screen size is recommended.

POS Tablet Option #1 image

Tablet Option 1

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Easily run EasyEats POS with this beautifully designed piece of hardware. Samsung's eight core processor, combined with the latest WIFI and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, provide a smooth platform for taking customer orders in your food truck.

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Item image

Universal tablet stand

A great universal swivel stand. Allows you to turn the tablet toward customers when needed

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POS Tablet Option #2 image

Tablet Option 2

Lenovo Tab M10 - A highly recommended tablet that meets all hardware requirements of the EasyEats POS. Lenovo utilizes the popular quad core Snapdragon processor, and boasts the latest wifi technology and Bluetooth 4.2 support.

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Item image

Swivel Stand For Lenovo Tablet

Swivel stand protects your tablet while allowing you to quickly turn it toward customers when needed.

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Order Queue

This device lists the outstanding orders for your cook and server to process. It will show all local, online, or preorders and can be any web connected device with an internet browser.

Touchscreen for Order Queue image

22" Touchscreen for Order Queue

This is the ideal device for the Order Queue as it provides superior visibility to outstanding orders. It requires the Pocket PC below to operate.

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Pocket PC for Touchscreen image

Pocket PC for Touchscreen

This allows a web browser to be loaded. It enables kitchen workers to have touch screen interaction with the order queue.

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Wall Mount image

Wall Mount

This is the best option for mounting the Touchscreen to the WALL of the food truck.

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Table Mount image

Table Mount

Secondary option for mounting the Touchscreen to a TABLE in the food truck. Use this if wall mount doesn't work.

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Credit Card Reader & Other Hardware

A credit card reader is needed to process payments at the window. If you are using SumUp to process payments, please purchase the reader below.

SumUp Card Reader SumUp Plus image

SumUp Card Reader "SumUp Plus"

Make sure you choose "SumUp Plus Card Reader". EasyEats recommends buying a second card reader as a backup in case the first is ever misplaced. You might consider it cheap insurance to keep your operation running smoothly.

Link to SumUp
Optional - UPS image

Optional UPS

Keep all your devices running, even when you have temporary power issues. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a temporary battery backup that will smooth over generator glitches or other electricity issues.

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Internet hotspot

WiFi Hotspot

A dedicated hotspot device is recommended due to its superior reception and connectivity. A phone hotspot will work, but our experiece has been that a phone hotspot comes with an increase logistical and connectivity issues. Talk to your cellular provider about recommendations for your network and region.